Himalaya Indian Cuisine specializes in popular South Asian and Indo-Chinese dishes.

Our owners and chefs Manish, Krishan and Makwana have more than fifteen years of culinary experience and training from India, Germany and Dubai.

Their idea of experimenting with rich spices brought them to collaborate together and open Himalaya Indian Cuisine.

We want our guests to experience the diverse flavours from every corner of India. We will introduce you to our Special Tandoori Kebab recipes, which are popular in the Middle East.

We also focus on some of the popular Indian Street Foods such as Pav Bhaji, Gol Gappe and Momos. We offer a special Chinese menu that has an Indian twist to it.

Our Team


Manish Sharma


Jitendra Makwana


Shri Krishan

Himalaya Indian Cuisine

Captivating aroma travelling from all around the world now in the heart of the Fraser Valley